Google Photos 1.6 for Android Adds Google Cast and Custom Labels

Google Cast support in Google Photos has been pined by users since the launch of the service earlier this year. Many months later and we're finally able to beam photos to our telly boxes.

Chromecast functionality has been present in Google+ Photos, but since it has been spun-off into it's own separate service - Google Photos, the feature hasn't been a thing, to much controversy.
Google Cast is back!
Thankfully, the feature is coming back, as announced at Google's event a few days ago. Google Photos 1.6 is rolling out on Google Play over the next week or so, and cast support is part of the package. All you need is a Chromecast and a HD television to beam content (in this case, your photos) to the big screen in the house.

Default Google+ Profile Photos are Changing

"Blue heads" are used as profile photos on Google+ for those who are yet to upload their own photo, but these are to be replaced this week with users' initials.

Google account owners who have enabled Google+ are able to upload a profile photo which is used across most Google products and services, but to those who haven't or don't want to upload their own photo will soon see their first or last initial in a coloured circle which should help users identify which account they're logged in.

Google Announces Three Long-Awaited Photos Features

Shared Albums, people labelling and Chromecast support are finally coming to Google Photos.

In addition to the announcements of the new Nexus phones - the 5X and the 6P - as well as the new Pixel C tablet, the team at Google Photos has revealed and shown off Shared Albums, people labelling and Chromecast support.

Shared Albums essentially does what it says on the tin; multiple users can add photos and videos to an album, and when someone will add a photo to that album, everyone will get a notification. Plus, you can invite guests who can view the shared album and see updates in real-time as photos or videos are added. Shared Albums will be coming out later this year.
I can see this becoming a very useful feature for large gatherings or events like birthday parties or vacations, where everyone can just have one album for all their memories, instead of having them scattered across different social media profiles.

Google+ Collections Adopts Post Pinning Feature

If you're on Android, it is now possible to pin posts to the top of your Google+ collections.

Post pinning is a great feature, allowing you to keep a post stuck to the top of your profile, Google+ page or Community. Today, it is possible to pin posts on your collections too, but with one caveat - the feature is only live on Android currently.

If you are using Android, it is easy as tapping on any post in a collection, hitting the three-dot menu and selecting "Pin to collection". If you're not seeing the option there, you should see it within the next few days as the feature is rolled out.