Google+ circles & connections account transfer tool to be removed soon

Google's account transfer tool is losing a feature come December 4th - Google+ circles & connections cease to function after said date.

Google Takeout is an invaluable tool to store a copy of your Google Account data or to transfer to a new account. Sadly, for no reasons specified, the ability to transfer your Google+ circles & connections will be removed starting December 4th.

New 'Mentions' button rolling out to Google+ on the web

'Mentions' - A one-stop-shop for all posts +mentioning you is currently rolling out to web users of Google+.

The handy new button makes it easier to peruse posts that your profile or page has been +mentioned in, displayed in a no-bumf stream.

This will prove very useful for those struggling to keep up with notifications and saves us from the sometimes tedious task of clicking on a notification one-by-one.
You'll find the Mentions tab at the top of the stream

Minor change to social buttons on Google+ for Android

If you're a frequent user of Google+ on your Android device, you may (or not) have noticed something a little different about the 'Share' and 'Comment' buttons.

Some users are reporting a visual change to the social buttons on the Google+ app for Android. For those lucky/unlucky few, the normal icon buttons for 'Share' and 'Comment' have been swapped for text.
While it isn't immediately obvious why the phenomenon is reaching only a small group of users or if we'll see a wider rollout, it would be interesting to know the reasoning behind the update. We may just have to add it to one of life's greatest mysteries or dismiss it as A/B testing.

We're currently conducting a poll on our Google+ Page so feel free to put in your vote and let us know what you think of the text buttons.

Halloweenify your Google+ photos

With Halloween just around the corner, there isn't a better way to prepare for the festivities by sharing spooky selfies with the new Halloweenify Auto-Awesome effects on Google+.

With Auto-Backup enabled on your phone or tablet, Google will occasionally "gift" you a photo or video you captured with a special effect such as a GIF animation or a snazzy frame and filter combo. That's Auto Awesome - Awesome (or at least fun) effects added to your backed-up photos, automatically. For Halloween, Google is using the hashtag #Halloweenify to promote new spooky and fun effects that you can create on the web or from your Android device.
Spooky or fun, it's up to you