Google+ Beta Updated with 3 Column Stream and More

Google+ Beta for web has been updated with four improvements today, including a much requested third column of posts in the stream.

The Google+ development team is listening to user feedback and acting swiftly in implementing improvements to the recently launched Google+ Beta for web.
Four new changes are rolling out to Google+ beta

Google+'s Redesign Rolling Out to the Mobile Apps [APK Download]

Google+'s new UI and refocus on Communities and Collections is now rolling out to users of both the Android and iOS apps.

Tuesday, Google began rolling out a refreshed look to their social media network, and now that update has started being pushed to the mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. The update is coming in the form of a new app version; however, it seems to also take a server side push as well since the update alone isn't always doing the trick.

The redesigned UI on web feels a lot like a mobile app, so it's no surprise that the mobile apps look very similar. The design is much more consistent than it was in the past and actually gives off the feel of a hybrid app. If Google has in-fact utilized hybrid app development for Google+, that should make it easier to keep feature parity across Web, iOS, and Android.

Google+ Beta for Web Launching Today

A beta version of Google+ that promises to be "simpler, faster, better" is launching today, which features the biggest changes to Google's social network in years.

The optional beta for the web version of Google+ shows off an all-new Material redesign, major changes to profiles and a possibly controversial killing of stale, underused features. We'll cover everything you need to know about the beta, how to test drive and submit feedback below.

What's New

I'll start with the obvious - Material Design. Every aspect of the new layout has been adorned with material design, which is Google's design standard which was announced at last year's Google I/O and one that has been evolving since. So what does this mean for us? A clean user interface which is consistent across devices of all screen sizes, and smooth, spiffy animations to glue it all together.

Google Finally Starts Investing in Advertising with #EasyThrowback Campaign for Google Photos

Google reverts from it's usual trend of not promoting products by running an advertising campaign for Google Photos over multiple weeks.

Google is notorious for creating great products but not completely investing in advertising them so that they flop. A few things come to mind like Google Helpouts and Google Wallet. Wallet didn't completely die, but has now been split and rebranded, and, to be honest, it is probably only still around because Apple did a good enough job to promote touchless payments with Apple Pay.

However, it looks like they may be turning that around with Google Photos! Google is using the Twitter account they created for Google Photos to advertise on the social media network for the last four weeks. Every Thursday for the last four weeks, including Thursday, Google Photos has owned Twitter's Promoted Trend with the hashtag "#EasyThrowback" (seen below) to build off of the current conversation of "Throwback Thursday" that happens on the social media network every Thursday.
Google's #EasyThrowback Promoted Trend on Twitter
Google's #EasyThrowback Promoted Trend on Twitter