Quick Tip: Duplicate a Google+ Event

Duplicate Google Plus Event
Google+ Events is one of Google+'s most used features especially for scheduling Hangouts On Air. However, if you are creating similar events often, it can become a mundane and time consuming activity. Luckily, the Google+ team thought of this and added the ability to duplicate an event.

New banner on Hangouts page aims to educate new users

A new banner has been added to the Hangouts page on Google+, introducing new users to the messaging service.

This slick new banner acts as a "meet'n'greet" for new Google+ users, introducing them to Hangouts and providing links to the Hangouts app on both Google Play and on the App Store.
The promotion can be dismissed by hitting the dismiss button
The banner promotes group conversations, video calls and "fun" aspects of the service such as sharing GIFs and emoji. The aim of this new banner is undoubtedly to increase the number of users of the mobile apps for Hangouts above apps like Facebook Messenger, SnapChat, and WhatsApp.

Ponies & angry mobs make their way into Hangouts 2.1

The ability to summon rainbow-coloured ponies into your Hangouts conversations is just one of few Easter eggs that have made their way from the desktop to Android with the recent update.

Starting with Hangouts 2.1 for Android, it is now possible to send pitchfork mobs and an infinite stream of ponies across the screen all by typing a command. The update adds a bit of fun to Google's messaging app for users that know the secret words.
Ponies brighten everybody's day don't they? Right?
Google is no stranger to adding "Easter eggs" to their products, and although these Easter eggs have been around since launch, only the Hangouts Chrome extension and the web versions were hoarding all the fun for themselves. Not any more! If you've got a couple of seconds to kill, make sure to type these commands into a conversation using the latest version of Hangouts for Android:


Have fun, and let us know which is your favorite!

Hangouts 2.1 for Android merges conversations but further fragments the platform

Photo courtesy of Mike Dodd
The wait is finally over. Sort of. Mike Dodd on the Android development team just announced that the Hangouts app for Android will be getting an update this week, partially catching up to the update iOS received just under two months ago.

The Hangouts team is slowly rolling out version 2.1 of their app for Android. With the new update, there are quite a few changes coming that users have requested and some for which they will continue to wait. 

What's new?

The most important change is the introduction of merged conversations, giving you the ability to see SMS and Hangouts messages with a contact in the same window and switch between them with a tap. If you’d still like to keep them in separate threads (as per the previous version) you can turn it off in the settings.