Google+ for iOS updated to 4.8, brings easier sharing and support for Polls

The Google+ app for iOS has been updated today with support for the latest generation of iPhones, polls and easier sharing to G+.

If you're rocking one of Apple's latest and greatest (iPhone 6 and 6+), you'll be glad to know that today's update to Google+ brings along Retina HD resolution support so everything from the UI, photos on text will look super-sharp on that glorious screen.

Google+ 4.8 also adds the popular Polls feature, which debuted on the web and Android back in October. This means that you'll be able to vote on polls, right from your iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately for now, creating Polls still isn't a thing. Maybe in the next update? Start holding your breath...

Sharing to Google+ from your device has been made easier with this update, which is a nice bonus for us addicts.

Last but certainly not least, performance has been improved and more bugs have been decimated, making for a smoother, more polished experience.

[Update] Share text updates on Hangouts

Rolling out today, Hangouts users can now express their status with text.

We've been able to let others see our device (phone, tablet or computer) and in-call status for little over a year now, along with being able to "set your mood for today" with an emoji. The Hangouts team obviously feels that sometimes an emoji isn't enough, which is why rolling out today, text statuses can be added.

Inside the new text field on Hangouts for Chrome and the web, you can add a mix of text, emoji and as always, your status will be visible to everyone you use Hangouts with.

Of course, this isn't a revolutionary change. Other instant messengers have had this feature since the very late 90's. I'm struggling to shake off the nostalgia from the MSN Messenger's glory days. Maybe the Hangouts team have been reminiscing too?

Google+ has a new notifications sidebar

Update: The changes talked about below have since been reverted due to negative user feedback. More information on this can be found here.
+Mr. Jingles is moving to a new home within the web interface of Google+, next to the 'Add People' and Hangouts icons.

When clicked, out will pop a new home for your notifications. The new notifications tray brings the desktop web version of Google+ slightly more inline with its mobile counterparts, where pulling notifications from the side has been a thing for a few years.
Mr.Jingles now lives inside a circle (on the Google bar at least)
Aside from the new go-to place for all your notification needs, the Google+ team has tweaked a couple of bits and bobs to make getting to notification 0 a little faster. First of all, thanks to support of a new dedicated area (a sidebar) for notifications, you can now see more and scroll less. If you're not a fan of seeing previously seen notifications (or just like to keep things clutter free), just hit the "Unread notifications" filter.

The icon in the Google bar has seen a slight redesign - A bell is still present but now snugly fits inside a grey circle. The cool thing about this is that the circle turns red and the unread notification count replaces the bell, making it easier to catch the eye. Something to note is that checking notifications this way is now limited to viewing your unread notifications, previously read notifications can still be found in the sidebar on the Google+ website (confusing eh?).

Reshared Google+ posts have a (slightly) new look

Reshared posts are now easier to spot now that a recent update puts the shared content into a square, a more distinctive look than the single 1px line previously used.

In addition to the change made to the look of reshares, some new functionality has also been added, which benefits the original sharer of the content. If a discussion (in the form of comments) is taking place in the original post, a link will be added to any reshares with the total amount of comments. Clicking the link will take you to the original post as expected.

Sure, it's not a big update, but it will probably come in handy sometime, maybe.

Thanks to +Ramón González