Google+ mobile web overhauled, now faster and more beautiful

The mobile web experience for Google+ has been updated today with a fresh coat of red paint, delightful animations and a much needed speed boost.

Google+ for the mobile web has typically lagged behind its app counterparts for Android and iOS, but that doesn't mean that we're any less excited when updates arrive that bring the look'n'feel up to par.

For starters, firing up on your mobile or tablet's browser will probably make you double take as on first glance, the mobile site looks almost identical to the latest version of the Android app. But after a few minutes perusing the redesigned stream, you'll start to see the differences.

Unlike Google+ for Android, the mobile web has a sidebar which will list the main segments of Google+ such as Photos, Communities and more. This brings it in line with Google's Material Design guidelines, as well as the flurry of smooth animations when tapping the +1 button or sharing a post to your circles.

Posts go edge-to-edge in latest Google+ for Android update

A new server-side update is rolling out to Google+ for Android starting today, changing how posts look in the stream.

This small tweak allows for slightly larger, full bleed images to be shown on the stream which either looks really nice or awkward looking, depending on who you ask.
Posts in the stream are now edge-to-edge
We've been seeing a lot of reports (and opinions) about this update which leads me to believe that it is indeed a wide roll out, so next time you open up Google+ on your Android device, don't be surprised if the posts have put on extra weight.

Google+ for Android updated to 5.0 with minor UI tweaks

A new Google+ update is rolling out to Android users over the next few days: 5.0. Unlike what the version number bump suggests, this one brings with it only minor tweaks to the user interface.

The main differences you may (or not) notice from 4.9 is a slightly re-worked settings menu, getting rid of the bland grey overlay and swapping it out with clear white. Other UI elements such as buttons in the settings have been tweaked, as well as spacing between items. Unfortunately, you'll be hard pressed to find any new features in this one folks.

New Post Creation Flow

Although technically this interesting titbit didn't arrive with 5.0, a new server-side change has been rolling out to users over the past few weeks. It's a new post creation flow, or in other words, a new interface for selecting who to share a new post with.

The new interface divides people/circles and G+ Communities and displays personalised people/circle/communities suggestions based on how often you share with them. The search feature is still in place and is as useful as always with incremental search in case you need to reach someone that isn't found in the suggestions.
It is an improvement to the old somewhat-static but still handy share menu. This newer, flashier version should have rolled out to everyone by time of posting.

Google+ for iOS updated to 4.8, brings easier sharing and support for Polls

The Google+ app for iOS has been updated today with support for the latest generation of iPhones, polls and easier sharing to G+.

If you're rocking one of Apple's latest and greatest (iPhone 6 and 6+), you'll be glad to know that today's update to Google+ brings along Retina HD resolution support so everything from the UI, photos on text will look super-sharp on that glorious screen.

Google+ 4.8 also adds the popular Polls feature, which debuted on the web and Android back in October. This means that you'll be able to vote on polls, right from your iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately for now, creating Polls still isn't a thing. Maybe in the next update? Start holding your breath...

Sharing to Google+ from your device has been made easier with this update, which is a nice bonus for us addicts.

Last but certainly not least, performance has been improved and more bugs have been decimated, making for a smoother, more polished experience.