Full-bleed link posts make their way to the Google+ Android app

Link posts with large thumbnails can now be seen in your stream on Google+ for Android, 7 months after rolling out to the web.

Back over half a year ago in March, Google started rolling out a visual improvement to shared posts with links attached. Thumbnails went super-sized and the font for the page's title was made larger. There's no doubt about it, this new link post format was made to stand out in your stream.

The new format was seen on streams across the desktop and the mobile web just mere weeks later but there had been no sign of it on the Google+ Android app, that is until now, 6 months later.

New-look Google+ Share button

The Google+ share button has been updated on the web interface.

A small update today folks, and it involves the Google+ share button found next to your profile photo and notification bell on most Google properties on the web.

The button has seen a small refresh, swapping text to a square icon. And as +Google OS notes in their blog post, the text label was only ever used in the English interface. For everyone else, a similar square icon was present, making today's change an even minor one.
There's not much else to say about this one, other than the fact that it frees up more space and looks a little tidier.

H/T - +Google OS. Image source - +Thomas Quintana 

Set up +Post Ads campaigns directly from Google+

Rolling out over the next few weeks, marketers will be able to start +Post Ads campaigns directly from their Google+ page.

To put it in few words, +Post Ads are Google+ posts displayed as advertisements across the web and has several benefits such as Hangouts On Air broadcasts, but the key seller is engagement between the consumer and the brand. Launched earlier this year, +Post Ads have been successful for companies like +Cadbury and +Toyota USA trying out this format of advertising.

So what's new? It's now even easier to set up campaigns and all of it can be done from within Google+. Rolling out over the coming weeks, advertisers can use the drop-down menu on any post on their verified page with over 1,000 followers and select the "Promote this post" button. From there, it will take you to a pre-filled ad creation page in AdWords. There is also an option that can be selected which will always promote the latest posts (if your team's budget allows).

Hangouts for Chrome gets a complete overhaul - Brings Facebook-style "Chatheads" to the desktop

An overhauled Hangouts has landed on the Chrome Web Store for Windows and Chrome OS, featuring a new streamlined interface with gorgeous animations.

If you've ever used Facebook Messenger on your Android or iOS device, you'll feel right at home with the new Hangouts Chrome extension for Chrome OS and Windows users. Gone is a static user interface, the new Hangouts introduces an interface similar to "Chat heads" which allows the user to have a conversation without interrupting what you're doing on the desktop.

After installing the new extension, you'll notice a brand new icon for Hangouts (which will hopefully land on the Android and iOS apps soon). Click on that, and the icon will appear, overlaying the desktop or webpage you currently have open. From there, you can drag the icon anywhere on the lower-half of the display and when pressed, will spring up a list of your conversations.

Just like Gmail as of a few weeks ago, you can now switch between 2 tabs - a list of your pinned and online contacts and the other, a list of your conversations. As you open up conversations, you'll see their "bubbles" stacked above the Hangouts icon. New messages will display a preview spouting from the individual with a new message counter also.