Fresh New Google+ Branding Rolls Out

Yesterday, Google announced the biggest change to its branding in 17 years, and that involves fresh new logos and buttons for Google+, too.

Google's new look reflects where the company is at today, and looks towards the future. Google started with Search on the desktop, now there are a wide variety of products that are accessible from other devices too, such as smartphones, tablets, watches and even cars. The new branding has been designed so it is easy to identify across the many different display sizes we use in our everyday lives, and the fresh logo transforms into dots (each one representing a colour took from Google's palette) to help you interact with its products.

Google+ for iOS Finally Supports Collections

Google+ for iOS has been updated to support Collections, a feature which allows you to group posts by topic.

Google+ Collections was launched way back in May with a promise that iOS users will get the goodies soon, but little did we know that "soon" would equate to 4 months.
Version 4.8.5 of the app (mostly) reaches feature parity with its Android counterpart  in the Collections department, with the added bonus of looking really slick.

Google Photos v1.2 Rolling Out to iOS Users with Improved Social Sharing


iOS users can look forward to a fresh version of Google Photos with improved social sharing functionality and other sweet treats.

Google is giving Photos lots of love this week with fresh new features for users on all the major platforms - Android, iOS and the web. Today's iOS update allows users to change the cover photo of albums, as well as being reminded about events in the past via photo collages and more (read more about that here).

But the main focus for this release is improving the social sharing flow for Photos. Now, it's easier to share animations directly to Facebook, and if you don't fancy sharing to the blue social network, Google has implemented the ability to save animations as videos to share to Instagram, WhatsApp and more.

[Update] Get Nostalgic with the Help of Google Photos

Google Photos v1.3 for Android started rolling out a couple days ago, but Google has another trick up its sleeves - New Assistant cards of past photo memories.

The new opt-in feature will help you reminisce past road trips, family gatherings, and more, by displaying a collage featuring people and places from that day. The more photos are uploaded to your library, the more useful the new card will be at helping you rediscover the good old days. And as a reminder, those snaps of years past will display in Assistant, and is completely private unless you share elsewhere.