Google Pushing New Instant Upload Banners on the Stream

Google is pushing its Instant Upload service with several new banners displayed on some users home streams today.

Photos Taken Recently

+Nedas Petravičius has recently reported a  "Photos taken recently" banner which shows the recently taken photos with a "View & share" button, which takes you to the Instant Upload default landing page.

Photos taken recently
Photos Taken Recently

New Users

The banner will most likely only show when the Instant Upload folder is empty, it appears that +Google is letting new users know about the hassle-free photo uploading feature's existence.
Instant Upload Banner
New Instant Upload Banner
The banner has a new image which depicts what Instant Upload is quite well, and the unusual picking of colour (for Google) is catching to the eye, or it brought my attention to it anyway.

The text on the banner reads:
"Privately store your mobile photos on Google+ as you take them."
Clicking the 'Learn more' button just takes you to the default Instant Upload landing page, with no notable new additions.

Reported in our Community by +Nedas Petravičius