Google+ Stories - What's yours?


A Google-owned YouTube channel, simply named Google+ Stories, holds inspiring mini documentary-style videos of real users telling their story of how Google+ has benefited and inspired them.

The channel has been skilfully crafted to showcase the countless ways people are using +Google+. From +Virtual Photo Walks™ to knitting circles, it seems that many groups have found their place on this wonderfully subtle (by design) and versatile social platform.

+John Butterill's Virtual Photo Walks Video

The Google+ Stories +YouTube channel lets you view specific feeds of information straight from the stream on Google+, depending on which story you've selected. For instance, if I click on +Cadbury UK's story, it will play their video and underneath will be a stream of posts with the keyword "Chocolate". You will also see links to add related people and pages on the right, as well as other useful links specific to the selected story.

It's all quite clever, but the main point is that the evidence is there that Google+ has indeed changed lives, in very moving ways.


You can go straight to the Google+ Stories channel on YouTube by clicking the YouTube button below:

My Story

Lee Jarratt Cover Photo
My story isn't as heart-warming (or particularly that great) but although what I'm about to say sounds cliché, Google+ has helped me find new passions and good friends who I now talk to on a daily basis. It has, in a way, changed my life. 

I signed up for +Google+ as soon as I could, which was probably a month or two after the service was launched. When I finally received an invite, I uploaded a profile picture and filled out my profile completely and started sharing straight away, but obviously no one knew I existed, I wasn't getting any engagement on my posts, so I quietly returned to Facebook that other social network.


After getting increasingly fed up, in February 2012, I gave Google+ another chance. I listened to other people's advice and started following people and pages based on my interests. I searched for people in my nearby area and met a photographer named +Pablo Luis Gonzalez who lives in my city. Pablo inspired me to start taking photos, which previously I didn't actually think I'd find an interest in. The next thing I know, I'm sharing my photography with Pablo and some photography pages (+PixelWorld+Low Angle Photography+StreetPics) and I started getting all sorts of engagement. 

That's when I knew that Google+ was a different animal.


Google+ has allowed me to interact with people who I've been following for sometime, where previously I wasn't even sure they were reading what I had to say. 

I'm an avid reader of +OMG! Ubuntu!, so I followed the page as well as it's creator, +Joey-Elijah Sneddon. After some months had passed, and I was really getting into the swing of how everything works, Joey offered me a writer position at +OMG! Chrome! after seeing some of my writing for the previously named #googleplusupdate (now Google Plus Daily) page. 

Because of the connections I have been building this past year,  I have gotten into new hobbies and interests, and met some really good friends who have helped me in achieving my goal of having a well-designed website filled with high-quality content and in-depth news as soon as it happens.

Thanks +Google!

Your Story

So I've told my rather long-winded story, and now I'd love to read yours.

What is your Google+ Story?