More Circles Added To Home Stream Quick-List

It appears that Google is rolling out a change that affects the circles quick-list found at the top of the Home Stream.

A few months short of a year since the redesign was launched (and the circles quick-list was added), I am surprised it took so long for Google to implement something that users have so desperately wanted.

You should now see 4 selectable circles at the top of your Home Stream (5 if you count "all"), a nice improvement from the previous 2.
Circles Quick-List on the Home Stream
Now you can quickly select from 4 circles on the Home Stream
Please note that I had to hit CTRL + F5 before the change took affect, so if you're reading this and not seeing the change, this should do the trick.

Thanks to +Tzafrir Rehan (developer for +Do Share) for spotting this, and reporting it in our community, where other members confirmed that this change has rolled out to them.

About The Circle Quick-List

The circle quick-list (as I call it) works as a filter, only showing posts in the stream from the people and pages in the selected circle. When selecting a circle, you can choose how much content from these people/pages shows up in the Home Stream, which is very handy.

Hitting the 'More' button will give you a full list of your circles to select from, but it can be hard to pick the one you're looking for if you have more than a dozen or so circles created (like me).

Customizing Your Quick-List

The circles on your quick-list appear by the order you have placed them, so make sure to move (click and drag) the desired circles to the top-left corner, making them the first circles to appear. You can do this by clicking "Circles" on the navigation ribbon to the left (desktop).

How often do you use this feature? If so, how has the update improved your experience?