New Google+ Page Manager Experience

It's been quite a while since Google+ Pages have received an update. Today, that trend has stopped. There is a completely new +Page manager experience that is not only more useful, but more visually stimulating as well.

New Google+ Page Manager Experience

It continues to look like we are going to eventually see a complete redesign of Google+; however, it looks like this redesign may be happening gradually. Today, the Google+ Page manager experience has received an update with a UI refresh. The first time you visit the page, you are met with a notification letting you know about the "new way to view your Google+ pages" (pictured above).

Along with the new look, new functionality has also been added. You can see at a quick glance, how many followers each page has and when the last post was made. You can also quickly see which of your pages have notifications.

Once you click on the notification number, you will be directed to another new page that shows you all of your notifications (pictured below).

New Google+ Page Notifications

The last bit of the new experience is a new managers page (pictured below).

New Managers Page

What do you think of the new features and the new design?