4 Updates Land Today for Hangouts, Communities & Photos

4 relatively minor updates have landed on Google+ today, including several new features to Hangouts, an update to moderation in Communities and a ultra-minor Photos update. Let's start with the biggest:


2 new features have made their way to Hangouts today, a new bandwidth slider and an audio-only mode.

Bandwidth Slider

When in a hangout, you'll now see a new slider, letting you adjust your bandwidth preferences whilst the hangout is in progress. This will come in handy for those of us who don't have a reliable connection or poor connectivity.

Audio-only mode

On clicking the audio-only mode, you'll only be able to listen and send audio, perfect for those watching their data caps. With audio-only mode on, the other people in the room will only see your profile picture.

+Tim Blasi notes in his announcement post that they're currently rolling out separately  so don't worry if you only see one or the other for now, as it may take a day or so to be fully rolled out to everyone.


Now you can remove, report and ban in one click!
+Brian Glick announced a small improvement to post moderation in Communities today, allowing moderators to remove and report the post, as well as ban the offending member all in one click. This saves a few seconds as most moderators would do all of these steps manually, previously.


This is something that wasn't formally announced by the +Google+ team, but something a member of our Google+ Updates community spotted. +Frank Berra reported today a new roll-over effect when hovering your cursor over a photo in the Instant Upload folder. When rolled over, the image will fade/transform into its true aspect ratio, a subtle but slick effect. You'll have to see this one for yourself to see what we mean.

What's your favourite new little feature?
Photo credit: +Brian Glick  and  +Tim Blasi 
Thanks to +Frank Berra  for the Photos tip