A Special Offer Just For Google Plus Daily Readers

Get 20% off the Google Chrome extension Circloscope Premium, which allows advanced circle management and much more.

We are offering our readers the chance to receive 20% off the +Circloscope Premium +Google Chrome extension making it just $4 AUD/$4.11 USD! If you want to get this offer immediately you can do so below or read the rest of article to find out more about what this extension does.

The Circloscope Interface

How to get 20% off Circloscope

  1. Click here to purchase Circloscope for the discounted price on PayPal. Please note that this offer is an affiliate link for Google Plus Daily.
  2. After payment, send an email to "ehsan.ah.gh"@"gmail.com" (remove the quotes) using the same email address that's connected to your PayPal account and tell him the name and 21-digit ID of any G+ accounts you're going to use Circloscope for. He will then activate Circloscope for you. If you have some pages under these accounts, Circloscope will get activated for those pages too.
  3. Go to Chrome Webstore and install the Circloscope Premium extension. You can use it after your account is activated.

About Circloscope

With a 5-star rating in the Chrome Web Store, Circloscope is the unrivaled way to get the most out of Google+. It was built in December of 2012 by +Ehsan Ahmadi Gharacheh, the developer of other popular Chrome extensions for Google+ such as Uncirclers+ and Inactives+ which have been added a total of nearly 20,000 times. Ehsan is also constantly working to improve Circloscope for all current users and future users.

Here are a few of Circloscope Premium's best features, you can view it on the Chrome Web Store as well:

  • Engagement Module (NEW)
  • Post to Exact Audience (NEW)
  • All-in-one circle management tool
  • Multiple Google+ accounts supported (Profiles & Pages)
  • In-depth analysis of your circles
  • Filter by identity, names, number of circles people belong to, relationship (relevance) score, location, education, employment, days since last post, person/page profiles, uncirclers, reciprocal circlers, followers
  • Sort by name, number of circles people belong to, relationship (relevance) score, rough estimate of audience, privacy of last post, days since last activity
  • In-depth analysis of your followers
  • Remove people from circles
  • Confirm move/removal of people before action
  • Add people to circles
  • Move people between circles
  • Export selected profiles to CSV format
  • Undo those who've been removed accidentally
  • Sort undo list in order of removal
  • Actively developed and updated!
I hope those of you that like the sound of Circloscope take advantage of this offer, let us know if everything went smoothly for you in the comments below.