Google+ Community Moderators Given Ability to Moderate Comments

Yesterday, the Google+ Product Manager for Communities, +Brian Glick announced a new Google+ Android app with improved communities moderating capabilities. Today, he's announced another update for community moderators that give them more abilities to keep spam and inappropriate conversation to a minimum.

Community moderators are now able to delete comments on posts that are inappropriate. In order to delete a comment, moderators simply need to mouse over the comment, and a gray "X" will appear.

Delete Google Plus Community Comments
Moderators can delete community comments.
After clicking the "X," another box loads just to make sure the moderator wants to permanently delete the comment. Once they click the "delete" button, the comment is gone forever.
Here's the link to his original announcement, in which he said:
Hey guys - many moderators have asked for a way to delete comments that may not be appropriate for their communities. Today, we’re rolling out a change to enable just that.
As a moderator, just hover over the comment you’d like to delete, then click the ‘X’ button in the upper-right corner. Easy!
Communities is a very popular feature of Google+ and the continued increased moderating abilities should go far to help to make sure it stays popular.

What other communities updates are you hoping for? Let us know in the comments below!