Google+ Sign-In Announced

In a fairly unexpected announcement today, Google has unveiled a new Google+ Sign-In feature to the platform, allowing users to sign-in to apps and websites using their Google+ identity.

Users will soon be able to avoid the hassle of manually entering registration forms as the new Google+ Sign-In button does the hard work for them. The button uses their identity on the platform to connect with apps and websites which have added the new feature.

The new +Google+ Sign-In feature allows web and app developers to tap into the power of Google+'s core features such as Hangouts and more.

What This Means

In a Hangout on Air, we discussed what this means for Google+ and Internet as a whole. We also addressed some issues such as the fear of more SPAM on Google+ as well as what else could be coming from Google as far as an API:

Key Features

  • Better security when signing into other websites and apps because it comes with Google's security including 2-step verification.

  • More easily download apps from the developer's website. See below:
  • Better sharing: you choose who in your circles to share information with. Google+ Sign-In does not allow for the spammy "frictionless" sharing that Facebook does with many of it's apps.
  • Interactive posts: Similar to how you can click "Install" on any apps from the +Google Play Store, you'll now be able to interact with posts from other apps. See below:
  • Apps and websites are customized for you. See below:

Google+ has partnered with many other websites an app to show off the feature including:
+Flixster+Banjo+Beautylish+Fitbit+The Guardian+OpenTable+TuneIn+USA TODAY, Fancy, and +Shazam

You can read the official announcement over on the official Google+ Developers blog here and the Android Developers blog here.