Google+ Sign-In: View Your "Apps" in the Google+ App & New Settings App

Thanks to the new Google+ Sign-In updates announced today, you can now check out what apps and websites you've connected to within the Google+ for Android mobile app (and I'm assuming iOS too soon).

If you didn't check out our announcement here, Google today has announced new Google+ Sign-In functionality for web and app developers to add to their products. For users, this means they can sign-up to services using their Google+ identity, free from hassle, and so much more (seriously, check out our coverage).

Apps Tab

Now open up Google+ on your Android, you should now see an "Apps" tab on the ribbon, just above Search.

Clicking on the new button will list any services that you've connected to. Holding your finger down on an app will display a prompt, asking if you'd like to disconnect from the app. You wouldn't normally need to do this, but if you do, the app will no longer have access to your Google Account.
I'm sure Google will have other uses for the new Apps tab in the future, because right now it doesn't do much else but giving users the ability to remove app permissions.

Not on your Android device? Just go to to manage your apps from the desktop.

Settings App

Look for this in your app drawer
If the Sign-In changes have rolled out to you yet, if you open up the app drawer on your Android, you should now see a new Google Settings icon. This takes you to your generic Google related settings, where you can tweak various bits and bobs:
  • Google+
  • Apps with Google+ Sign-In
  • Maps & Latitude
  • Location
  • Search Ads
Inside the all-new Google Settings app
What do you think of the Sign-In feature releases today?