Newer, Bigger +1 and share Buttons Rolling Out

Reports in our own Google+ Updates community suggests that either an experimental change (rolled out to a small subset of users) or a full-scale roll out is taking place with newer, bigger +1 and share buttons.

The new buttons that could be rolling out have a flatter, and fatter look to them. It's not just visual changes though, the +1 button reflects the actual number of plusses on the post, which makes more sense than how it is currently implemented, and is more consistent with the mobile applications for both +Android and iOS. The new behaviour also affects the share button too, it's now faster to see how many +1s and shares a post has got now that the counts are on the buttons themselves rather than to the side.
They're certainly bigger, but are they better?
I've also noticed that the new-look buttons fit in with my previous findings which could eventually lead to a full redesign, and that goes for the new user interface found in the "Find People" changes introduced a week or so back too. You can read my article on this here, but I'm starting to think that the redesign could be evolutionary, taking place over a period of time rather than one massive overhaul rolled out in one fell swoop. We'll see..
When hovering a cursor over the button, it's looks strikingly like the new Google+ favicon
Our own +Clayton Pritchard had previously reported on an experimental change with +1 buttons with a similar behaviour back in October last year (which you can read here). Could this mean that testing has finished and we'll see it rolling out to everyone? I hope so.

Although the new set of buttons have yet to be confirmed by any of the +Google+ team, 1 or 2 other members in our community are also reporting the changes.

UPDATE: After being the first to report on this, it appears that lots of our readers are now seeing the change, indicating a full roll out.

Are you seeing the new buttons? If so, let us know what you think in the comments!

Thanks to +Chris Weber and +Miguel Guillen Paz