Share and Hangout with Google Glass

Google has just revealed a new mini-site for their futuristic spectacles, Google Glass. In the new promotional video shown on the site, it is clear that tight integration with Google+ is prevalent.

The Google Glass site explains how it feels, what it does and where to get one all in a slick, interactive package designed to educate and hype consumers for a pending launch in 2014. However, 50 lucky people will be able to snag the "Explorer Edition" through sharing a post via +Google+ or Twitter explaining what they'd do if they had Google Glass, starting with the hashtag #ifihadglass. More information is available on the Google Glass site here.

Google + Glass

The feature I'm most looking forward to is the Google+ integration. Some of this can be seen in the newly uploaded "How it feels" video (which you can watch below).

If you wanted to take and share a photo or video with someone, just use the appropriate voice commands which would go something like "Take a picture... ...Share with Lee". Want to hangout? It's simple, just say "Hangout with" and the name of the person/people you'd like to hangout with. It's amazing.

Of course, you can expect the rest of Google services to be integrated nicely too. There are all sorts of different voice commands from getting navigation directions via Google Maps to translating something to a different language of your choice thanks to Google Translate. 

To keep in-the-loop with everything Google Glass, make sure to follow the official +Project Glass page on Google+.

What would you do if you had Google Glass?

Photo courtesy of: Google Glass