[Update] "Circles" Changed to "Find People", Brings New Experience for Adding People

Circles has been renamed to Find People in a relatively major update that is rolling out as I type, bringing with it a new way to find and add people you may know.

What's New?

Googler +Sean Purcell has just announced a new way to see suggestions of people you may know to add to your Circles via "Find people" which was previously known as "Circles", bringing it in line with the "Find people" category found on the +Google+ mobile apps for +Android and iOS.
You'll now see a list of suggestions for you to add to your Circles in the new "Find People" feature
And before you think it, no, the Circles concept isn't going away. It is still there, but just an extra click away.

In Sean's post, he details what's new:
With so many new people signing up for Google+ every day, it’s easy to miss friends and colleagues who’ve recently joined. So today we’re making some updates to Google+ to help you find people you care about and add them to your circles. 
For starters, the Circles icon in the app ribbon is now labeled Find People. Click through and you’ll find a new page with a list of people you might want to add. We'll show you people you're already talking to on Gmail and other Google products at the top of the page. To get even more suggestions, it’s easy to search by your school, workplace, or other email accounts.
If you want to organize the people you’ve added a bit further, you can always click the “Your circles” button at the top of the page. From there you can use the circle editor to see all of your circles and decide who belongs in each one. 
We hope this update helps you find and build great connections on Google+. Let us know what you think in the comments!
The new experience allows you to quickly switch from suggested people for you to add, see who has added you as well as being able to view your circles using the handy new bar that you'll see sitting at the top.
This should come in handy
Look to the right of Find People to see a menu which will display your past and present school & work places. If you haven't already filled in that data, just click on "Find colleagues" and "Find classmates" to fill in appropriate data.

Why we love it

There's no denying that there is a learning curve to getting the hang of +Google+, and a new user wouldn't typically know that they can view and add suggested people by clicking on the rather ambiguously-named "Circles". We're very happy to see that it's been renamed to something that does what it says on the tin.

It's much more than a rename and redesign, it seems that Google has made some significant changes under-the-hood as I've already managed to add one or two people I didn't know are on Google+. Take a look, you may spot a few people you didn't know are on Google+ too!

It wouldn't surprise me if most users see a slight increase in their follower counts due to today's improvements, but we'll have to wait and see after the improvements have been around a few weeks.

So GPD readers, what do you think of the Find People experience?