Update: Google+ Pages Can Now Follow Anyone

Since the beginning of Google+ Pages, Pages have not had the ability to follow users unless they follow the Page first. Then if the user unfollowed the Page, the Page automatically unfollowed the user as well. Recently, Google+ has changed their stance here.

When Google+ Pages launched in November of 2011, one of my favorite features was actually the lack of a feature for pages. I was glad to see that pages couldn't spam follow me like I was used to on Twitter. I had to first follow them, then they could reciprocate. Yes, it makes it a bit harder to build follower numbers, but that's good. Pages should offer value so that they can be organically found and earn followers.

Google Plus Pages Can Now Follow Any Profile
Pages Can Now Follow Any Profile

Now, the Google+ Team has changed this. Any page can now follow any profile or page. I first noticed when I saw that a Page I no longer follow (as of earlier this week) is still following me (see above picture). Then, using the +Google Plus Daily page, I found that we are now able to follow +Vic Gundotra even though he doesn't follow us (yet!).

Google Plus Pages Can Now Follow Any Profile
GPD Can Add Vic Gundotra Without Him Following Us
As a user, how do you feel about this update? If you manage a page, how do you feel about it? Tell us in the comments below!