Hangouts Capture App Announced - Allows You to Capture Moments As They Happen

The Google+ Team has launched the new Hangouts Capture app which allows users to snap and save moments as they happen in Google+ Hangouts.
Hangout Capture app in action
With the brand-new Hangouts Capture app, announced by Googler +Jeremy Ng, users will be able to take screen captures of a Hangout with just two simple clicks. One click to open the app and just one click to take the picture.
Pictures automatically added to a shared album.
These pictures will instantly be saved in a shared album (see above) only visible to those invited to the Hangout and not just those in the Hangout itself at the time. These pictures will be visible inside the hangout on the right-hand side of the screen, in your photo albums, and in the original Hangout post (see below).
Pictures are added to the original Hangout post.
Whenever we are talking about taking pictures or video, there's a lot of privacy issues people talk about (just look at the chatter around +Project Glass). Luckily, the Google+ team thought of this and has added alerts for those in the Hangout. You will be alerted that someone has opened the app even if they did it before you joined the Hangout. You'll also know when a picture is taken. You won't be able to stop another user from using the app; however, you will know in case you want to leave the Hangout.

The app, rolling out worldwide as I type this can be added to the already long list of reasons of why everyone should be utilising Hangouts.

Will you be using the Capture app in your next hangout?