In Detail: Profile Updates You May Have Missed

Today's huge update to profile design is a lot to take in. Along with the new cover photos and "cards" layout for profile information, there are also some smaller but important changes that we've noticed here at GPD.

New Edit Profile UI

When editing your profile, there's now a very slick window that appears. It allows to page through each of the profile cards, such as People, Education, and Story, and add information.

Notably, this UI features a variety of new colors that we haven't seen on Google+, such as the pinkish/purple of "Places." Perhaps we will see these colors on a wider scale soon.
Also new here is the ability to add "Skills" under work experience, making G+ Profiles even closer to a virtual resume.

New Photo Cards

Part of the redesign of the "Photos" profile tab includes a change in how albums are displayed. They now feature a card layout that lists the number of photos, the date on which the photos were taken, and an icon that shows the privacy settings of the photos. The icons match those found in the sharing interface - a globe for public, two people for limited, and a universal-no symbol for only you.
These album cards also appear under on the Photos page, with a similar format.

Changes to Page Dashboard

The Page Dashboard, which just recently had an overhaul, has been tweaked to match the new profile layout. Interestingly, the "Last Post" has been changed from the time since the last post to the date of the last post, and more of the tabs are hidden under "More" than before.

Profile Widget in Stream

A small addition, but nice for those who may miss today's news. Clicking on it takes you to your profile, where you're prompted to update your cover photo to match the new layout.

That's all we've spotted so far - if you see anything new, let us know in the comments below or in our community!