New Search Filter Added, Enables Photo Only Searches

A new search filter for photos has been added, in an update to Google+ today.

+Dave Cohen who works as a Technical Lead at Google, just minutes ago announced the minor change made to search on Google+. On his announcement post, he shares some tips and his favourite photo related searches.
You can find any photo post that’s shared with you -- from items shared only with you, to public photos shared by some of the great photographers on Google+. Here are some searches that I enjoy:
- Long exposure: Steel wool: Cartoons:
Just search, then select the new "Photos" filter to view only photos
Search filters can be useful when searching for feature-specific queries, which could be useful for searching for a topic-based Hangout for example.

The photo filter is a very small, but good addition to the filters, and will surely please photography fans.

Will you be utilizing the new photos search filter?
Screenshot courtesy of +Dave Cohen