Quick Tip: Make Memes with Google+

Memes are one of the most popular forms of expression online - one appears in the Google+ What's Hot stream almost every day. But you don't need a fancy photo editor or even a meme generator to create memes for Google+ - just a picture and some wit.

Step 1: Find an image

Websites like Know Your Meme are great for finding meme template images, because they also make it easy to check that you're using it correctly. Meme responsibly - there's nothing the internet hates more than a misused meme. You can also use Google Image search. Be sure to use an image that doesn't have text on it already!

Step 2: Upload and Add Text

Once you have your image, just drag and drop it into the Google+ post box.
Once it uploads, click "Add Text."
Just add your text and click save, and you have a meme!
Note that when you return to the post box, your image may not show its meme text yet. That's okay! As soon as you post the image, the text will appear.

Step 3: ?????????

Step 4: Profit

Your mission is accomplished. Fame and fortune are now yours.