[Update] Community Posts Volume Adjustment

One of the great features of Google+ is the ability to choose how much you want to see posts from a certain Circle or What's Hot in your Home stream. The same ability has been requested for Communities since it was launched in early December of 2012. Now today, the Google+ Communities team is rolling out this option!

Google Plus Update: Community Posts Volume Adjustment
New Ability to Adjust Community Post Volume

The user interface for the new option is a little differently from Circles and What's Hot. Instead of having a slider at the top of the page, the option is under the "Actions" menu for each community. Now under this menu you'll have the ability to choose if you want the standard number of posts, more posts, or fewer posts in your Home stream. You can also uncheck the "show posts in Home stream" option to completely remove posts from that community in your post.

Want to make sure you see every post in our community, Google+ Updates? Change the amount to more here!

Picture courtesy of  +Ana Ulin