Quick Tip: Use an Empty Circle to Bookmark Posts

Ever want to save a post to read later? At first glance, there's no simple way to do this. But thanks to the power of circles, you can quickly and easily create a private collection of posts.

Step 1: Create an Empty Circle

While most circles have people in them, nothing is stopping you from creating a completely empty circle. To do so, just go into "Find People," then "Your Circles." Roll over the "Drop Here to Create Circle" button, click "Create Circle," give it a name like "Bookmarks" or "To Read Later," and you're all set to go!

Step 2: Share posts to the Empty Circle

Once you have an empty circle, all you have to do is share posts to it. When you come across an article, photo, or video you want to save, share it in the same way you'd share to a Circle or Community, but select only your empty circle.
To access your saved posts, just select your empty circle from the Google+ Stream, and you'll see every post you've shared there. It's that easy!

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