Updated User Interface For Google+ Local/Places Dashboard

In an effort to make it easier for businesses to optimize their Google+ Local/Google Places listing, the back-end for businesses has received an upgrade user interface. The new layout is more modern and makes it simpler to use.
Updated Dashboard with Progress Bar
Overall, the different sections of the listing are more clearly displayed, making it easier to see what needs to be finished. Also, a new widget at the top of the page with a progress bar informs businesses of how far their listing is from being complete. Completed listings are better for Google, businesses, and users, so placing more of an emphasis on this with the widget is a smart idea.

Previously, one of the biggest issues with Google+ Local/Places for businesses was that edits to your listing could take weeks. Also, it was never known how long it really would take. However, that is no longer an issue as now most edits will go live with in 48 hours. This update will undoubtedly lead to a higher use of the product because it's easier to predict.
Better integration of Google+, AdWords Express, and Offers into the upgraded dashboard
The update that will make Google+ fans happiest is the better integration with Google+. Through the new interface, businesses will be able to access their Google+ page to share updates, pictures, etc. Hopefully, this will lead to an increased use of Google+ by local businesses. Along with this integration, is a deeper integration with AdWords Express and Offers which allows businesses to access both from the same, upgraded dashboard.

As with many updates from Google, especially larger ones like today's, the changes will be rolling out slowly to existing users. Businesses will receive an email when their account has been upgraded. Businesses that haven't verified their listing will see the upgraded dashboard upon their first use.

What are your thoughts on the updated dashboard? Lets us know in the comments below!

Pictures courtesy of Google and Your Business.