[Quick Tip] Search Google+ Ripples

Since Google+'s recent UI redesign, the search box has unfortunately been removed from Google+ Ripples which makes it hard to check out the Ripples for specific URLs. However, we found a hack for you!

Since Ripples were launched in October of 2011, they have always had a search box for users to quickly check out the Ripples of any website. With the redesigned Google+ layout, Ripples also received a different look. In addition to that, it lost it's very helpful search box.

Now, in order to view Ripples for a specific webpage, first copy and paste the following URL into your browser:


After the "=" type the webpage address that you wish to view the Ripples for. Then press enter, and the Ripples for your desired page will appear!

The url for this ripple is - https://plus.google.com/ripple/details?url=http://www.googleplusdaily.com/
Let the searching of Google+ Ripples recommence!

Why do you think Google removed the search box from Ripples? Let us know in the comments below!