Reporting spam & abuse on Google+ is simplified

The report spam and abuse tool has been updated to be quicker and easier to use in a recent update to the desktop web version of Google+.

When clicking the arrow button on the top-right corner of a post, you'll see your usual options (mute, link, remove and report). However, "Report abuse" has been changed to "Report spam or abuse". Previously, a pop-up would display asking you to select the type of abuse, but to make sending reports quicker, that option has been tucked away under "Give us more details" after sending the report.

Once reported, Google+ will give you the option to also remove the offender from your circles, providing they're in your circles anyway. You'll also see a "Give us more details" option where you'll be let Google know what type of spam or abuse you are reporting. This is essentially where they put those extra steps you no longer have to do.
Reporting now takes 2 clicks thanks to the improved reporting tool
Granted, this is a minor change, but every little helps when it comes to improving the overall desktop Google+ experience.