Google Effects for Google+ Hangouts updated, adds background effects and more

The Google Effects app for Google+ Hangouts on the desktop has been updated with new features: Background effects and the ability to launch at startup.
Google Effects for Google+ Hangouts
Chill out on the beach with the addition of backgrounds in the effects app
Google Effects is a fun app you can add to your Hangout Party in which you can add sound effects and masks, hats and mustaches if you so desire. And as of today, you can now put on your (virtual) sunglasses and relax on the beach, thanks to a new experimental backgrounds feature. Of course, there are other backgrounds to choose from, but as of yet you can't add your own.
Google Effects will also remember your background and overlays and start automatically when you open up Hangouts, thanks to the handy "Launch at startup" option added to the bottom of the app.

The update, announced by software engineer at Google, +Kai Ding is asking for your feedback on the experimental feature so the team can make them better. Sending feedback is super-simple to do, just look for the feedback tool at the bottom of the navigation ribbon, underneath settings.

Will you be playing with the new Google Effects features in your spare time?