Google+ Hangouts Android App Updated to Version 1.1

Google has updated the Google+ Hangouts app for Android. Version 1.1 adds many improvements to Google's new messaging platform, and it is rolling out slowly.

Google+ Hangouts hasn't had any major changes since its debut earlier this summer, but the first major update of the Android app adds some interesting tweaks.
Overall, the Hangouts app has undergone a tidy up, with Ron Amadeo reporting that much of the code has been tightened up. The user interface has been given a few tweaks, with an updated animation for the emoji insert and improved YouTube thumbnails. Google+ Profile pictures have been updated with splash of red colouring.
Google+ Hangouts Android App 1.1
Updated YouTube thumbnails
Finally with this update, we are starting to see Google Voice implementation into Google Hangouts. As we reported back in May, Google Hangouts will be the future of Google Voice. Your Google Voice phone number will now show up in the Hangouts app, this looks to the be the start of the Google Voice implementation into Hangouts.

The latest Hangouts app has been rolling out from the Play Store since the 23rd July, expecting the update to arrive on your devices in the coming days.

What do you think of Google+ Hangouts? Are you using it as your primary Messaging service? Let us know in the comments!