Google+ Photos "Learn More" page teases an upcoming Navigation Bar update

After taking a look at the Google+ "Learn More" pages, it appears Google is working on a new web navigation bar for at least Google+ and possibly other Google services.

From time to time Google publishes images which (intentionally or otherwise) offer glimpses of future products still in development. Before an update to the Google+ Android app this past May, screenshots appeared on the Google+ "Learn More" pages which foreshadowed an update that come later that day.
Updated Google+ Navigation Bar
Possible new Google+ navigation bar spotted in a Google+ Photos promotional picture.
It appears that Google+ is up to their old tricks again. +Gabriel Komarnicki spotted a screenshot for a yet to be announced update to the Google+ navigation bar which includes an new look to the search bar and new menu box next to the Google+ profile picture. Check out both changes in the picture above taken from the Google+ "Learn More" page.

The previously-rumored menu box, which seems to replace the black navigation bar at the top of many Google sites and conveniently links to other Google products, is similar in design to the App Launcher found in Chrome OS devices and recently introduced to Chrome browsers on Windows.

The search button seems to be an entirely new, unreported feature which would hopefully appeal to those who are not fans of the current receding search bar at the top of the Google+ homepage.

Google’s recent design changes have all placed an emphasis on minimalism and compartmentalization, sometimes at a small cost of efficiency. Joining links to other Google services behind a single button would fulfill those design principles and (perhaps more importantly) would bring the interfaces between Google’s web products and their operating systems closer together. It would also serve their goal of constantly trying to get more of their products on the user's screen.

Have you seen the new search button or menu box on any of Google’s sites? Do you think they’re improvements over the current layout? Share your thoughts with us!