[Quick Tip] Access the chat history for Google+ Hangouts

Have you wanted to quickly find some information from a previous Hangout chat conversation, but didn't feeling like scrolling up for a long time through all of the messages? Here's a time saver we think you'll appreciate:

There are two ways to access your Hangout message history. Because we're nice, we'll show you how to access your history both ways!

Method #1

Open a +Gmail tab. The first method simply involves going to the left pane of your inbox and click the "More labels" link. From there, you'll see a label called "Chats":
Once in the label, you'll see all your conversations in a nice list form:

Method #2

The other method involves going to the search bar at the top and clicking the gray arrow to "Show search options" and selecting "Chats" from the drop-down menu:
Messages from one Hangout may be saved as multiple threads; you can also label and star your Hangouts.

Friendly reminder: This can't be done if you have the Hangout's conversation history turned off!

How many other cool features are hidden in between the Google platforms? Have a tip you'd like to share? Be sure to put them in the comments below!