[How To] Try Google's new Google Bar

If you read our news report of the new Google Bar layout earlier, you'll be happy to read that you can try it out now!

In summary, a Googler (+Justine Riveroconfirmed that this new, space saving Google Bar is rolling out over the next few weeks. Featuring an all-new grid menu to replace the horizontal black bar of links, it makes the Google experience simple and clutter free.
Better than a bunch of links, isn't it?
Before we show you how, make sure to give kudos to +GOS Blog for giving the goods a little earlier today. The Google Operating System (unofficial) blog is updated regularly with news and tips, and they're usually first to highlight the latest experiments happening across Search, YouTube and more.
Very trendy, Google
After following our how-to, you'll get the new, flat and minimalistic Google logo on Search and other properties as a bonus. Spot on!

Step 1

Pretty simple, just open up http://google.com in a tab (if you're in a Country other than the US, make sure to hit the google.com link at the bottom of your localised search page).

Step 2

In Chrome, open up your developer console using Ctrl+Shift+J (ChromeOS, Win, Linux). If you're on a Mac, hit Command-Option-J.

Using another browser? Hit up Google Operating System's post for further instructions.

Step 3

Paste the following code (this changes a Google cookie):

document.cookie="PREF=ID=e66a207a51ceefd8:U=936bafc98b2a9121:FF=0:LD=en:NR=10:CR=2:TM=1378808351:LM=1379592992:SG=1:S=OXyq0fqClYB66VuV ; path=/; domain=google.com";window.location.reload();

Step 4

Press Enter and close the developer console and enjoy the new interface across Google+, Search and more!

To go back to the regular interface, use the same instructions, but replace the code from step 3 with this one:

document.cookie="PREF= ; path=/; domain=google.com";window.location.reload();

Update: It's now official; And we beat them to their own announcement by eight hours! 1-0 Google. ;-)

Let us know how you like the new Google Bar!
Source: GOS Blog
Google Search image: +GOS Blog