New and improved Google Bar rolling out over the next few weeks

A new version of the Google Bar is confirmed to be rolling out with a new, simpler design which gives back more screen real estate.

The overhaul sees off the horizontal black navigation bar currently ubiquitous across most Google products, and adds a simple Chrome app launcher-esque grid menu to the top-right of Google+, next to the notification bell, share box and account switcher.

When the roll out is complete, you'll see the new design not only on Google+, but across Search, Gmail, Blogger and more. A recent experiment also hints that the new version of the Google Bar could be coming to YouTube too.
Meet the new grid launcher, a simpler and more visually appealing way to access Google's services
The new design has been under testing for over half a year, with reports coming in as early as February 2013 regarding the new grid menu.

When Google+ Help community member, +Gerson Castañeda posted a screenshot of the new navigation interface, Google+ Community Manager, +Justine Rivero confirmed that the change is rolling out over the next few weeks.

"HI folks,
Glad you noticed! We'll be rolling out this new feature in the next few weeks...stay tuned!!
Justine" - +Justine Rivero

When the change rolls out to your account, you'll see a welcome message under the app launcher icon, saying "Welcome to the new way to find your favorite Google products. Click the grid to have a look."

Let us know if you've received the new look, and what you think of it.

Images: +Gerson Castañeda and +GOS Blog 
Source: Gerson's post