Google+ Photo Editor Redesigned With New, Advanced Features and Filters

The photo editing tool in Google+ for desktop has been completely revamped to include an ample amount of new features and advanced customization options.

Auto Enhance has been one of the most unique and successful features of Google+, instantly making your photos more vibrant and clear in a way that doesn't look fake or over-embellished. Now, users can fine-tune their Auto Enhance settings including brightness, contrast, saturation, shadows, warmth, structure, noise reduction, vignette, and more to get just the right look for their pictures.

Another new feature is the ability to apply edits to certain regions and objects, letting photographers draw viewers’ eye to the focus of a photo. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation inside the movable area of effect called a “Control Point.” The editing controls are right on top of the photo next to the Control Point so you don’t have to worry about tedious mouse movements every time you want to test out a fine adjustment.

What’s really exciting about Control Points is that they automatically distinguish objects inside of them (when adjusting their size, you can see the affected areas in red) so that you can edit certain parts of your photo without affecting other objects near them. In short, the editor knows the difference between the sky and a tree.
Google+ Photos New Editor Control Points
The sky turned grey using the new Control Points feature.
 The previous features fall under the more technical “Basic Adjustments” category; but the “Creative Adjustments” has even more fun options to explore. Users can add filters like Black and White, Vintage, Tilt-Shift and Retrolux to make their photos more interesting and artistic (with even greater levels of customization within each filter) while putting their photos in one of over 20 frames to make them just right.
Google+ Photos New Editor Filters
Filters have both one-click presets and in-depth options.
While the old photo editor was taken almost completely straight from Picnik, a company Google acquired in 2010, the new editor seems to incorporate the features of Snapseed - a product made by another Google-bought photography editing company, +Nik Photography. We saw Snapseed features first incorporate with the Google+ app for Android, but only now did the features and UI make their way onto Chrome.

Chrome Exclusive

Speaking of Chrome, because these powerful features rely on the browser’s Native Client, the editor only works in it. Those using a different browser will still be able to use basic cropping and rotating features, which are easily accessible from the options above the photo, next to the “Edit” button.

The feature, announced by Google+ Photos Product Manager +Josh Haftel, is rolling out slowly so if you haven’t gotten the new editor just sit tight and keep hitting that F5 key. Check out the original announcement below, including a new introduction video:

If you’re having trouble finding a feature, or just want to get more familiar with the editor before it rolls out to you, check out the support page for even more information.

What are your favorite features in the new photo editor? How do you use Google+ to view, edit, and share your photography? Tell us your ideas in the comments section!