Google+ Closing Social Login Gap Against Facebook

Janrain's Quarterly Social Login Trend Report for Q3 2013 shows that while Google+ is still the 2nd choice for users it is closing in on Facebook.

In this quarter's social login preferences report by user management platform, Janrain, shows that Google+ is narrowing the gap against overall leader Facebook to only 12% points. Google has managed to close the gap to Facebook from 29% in the 3rd quarter of 2012.
Janrain highlights that the main driver is down to the launch of Google+ Sign In, which has increased the level of applications and websites users can sign in with Google+. Janrain has predicted that Google+ could exceed Facebook's social logins by 2016. With last week's YouTube comments announcement, we can see further improvements to social login next quarter, with more YouTubers using Google+.

You can see in the trend graph below how Google+ has managed to close the gap to Facebook with social logins since the 3rd quarter of 2012 when Facebook had it's biggest lead.
Quarterly Social Login Trends
Alongside providing data for the total social logins for the main players in social networkings, Janrain has provided data which breaks down this social logins into types of websites to give a better idea of how the social logins stack up in different verticles.
Media Sites Login Trends
Media websites, such as news websites, shows that Facebook is still a popular place to share news articles you may have read. With the wide adoption of the +1 widget, Google+ has managed to catch up in the past year.
Entertainment & Gaming Sites Login Trends
Entertainment and Gaming logins, account for websites like YouTube and gaming on mobile devices, consoles and web. While its no surprise to see Facebook far in the lead, down to popular mobile games like Candy Crush and FarmVille, a Facebook favourite; its surprising to see how behind Google+ is with its ties with YouTube. Its likely that Google+ is able to close the gap with its recent YouTube comments improvements and newly launched Google Play Games bringing social gaming to Android.
Music Sites Login Trends
Music sites like Spotify and Rdio have deep ties with Facebook, so its no surprise Facebook is far in front. In addition, you can see Twitter is performing near that of Google+, likely due to its links with Spotify and its recently launch Twitter #Music app. Google+ only has Play Music, which is still growing. However, the closer connection with SoundCloud may help it as well.

Data Source

Launched in 2008, Janrain aims to track quarterly social trends reports and is serving the registration, authentication and user profile data storage needs of large enterprise organizations worldwide such as Universal Music Group, Samsung, WholeFoods and AMC. In order to create their social login trends reports, Janrain uses the data they gather from their clients, so it's a subset of the over all usage. While it is a subset, with so many large clients, it's a rather large and important subset.

What are your thoughts on the social login trends report by Janrain? Do you see Google+ overtaking Facebook completely eventually?

Source: Janrain