Saved Search feature to be removed next month

The Saved Search feature is to be removed next month for reasons unknown.

Saved Searches are handy for tapping into your favourite streams on Google+ in a click, whether you want to check on the latest developments with the #googleplusupdate saved search, or checking out the latest GIFs with #caturday. Unfortunately though, the feature is to be retired on November 15th in a move that isn't immediately clear.
You have a month to say your goodbyes
When accessing a saved search now, an innocent-at-first-glance dialogue appears bearing the bad news:

"Saved searches are going away. Bookmark this page on your browser to save your Google+ search for later."

The message also links to a Learn More page with instructions how you can carry on saving searches using a workaround which still does the trick, but isn't as effortless as the now defunct feature (the saved search button have since been removed from searches).

To put a positive spin on the news, Google could have a trick up its sleeve and may introduce a new feature that replaces the functionality with something more user-friendly, but we'll have to play the waiting game before we find out.

Do you use saved searches? What do you think of its demise?