Google+ introduces new inline post sharing

A new experience rolling out today removes the popup share box, bringing post sharing inline.
When clicking the share button on Google+, you're greeted with a pop-up text box to write your thoughts as well as being able to select your privacy settings. With the new inline post sharing (rolling out today), you can add your thoughts (and everything else) straight from the post you're sharing. No more popups.
Much more aesthetically-pleasing inline sharing card
Let me clarify further: Pressing the share button will now transform the post into an all-new sharing dialogue, which results in a less jarring and more seamless experience for the user (and it looks really pretty too). The visual style is similar to Google+ Comments for Blogger, but we're not complaining. A big +1 to the Google+ team for consistency.

As far as we're aware, it is rolling out to everyone, and an official announcement should be posted soon. If you haven't received it yet, you may now commence mashing the F5 button on your keyboard.

What do you think of the new inline sharing card? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!