Overhauled YouTube commenting system rolling out to Android app

Google has announced that it is rolling out the new Google+ integrated YouTube commenting system starting today, and it appears to also be rolling out to mobile too.

Update: We have learned that the new system is rolling out to everyone running the latest YouTube app for Android, as well as for iOS and the mobile web.

I was just casually watching some videos on my Nexus 5 when I noticed something different with the comments, a "Also share to Google+" checkbox underneath the usual place where you add a comment. This is interesting, mostly because the YouTube app wasn't updated via the Play Store like usual, but it appears Google has turned on the switch server-side. A nice surprise!

Check out the screenshots, and don't forget to click for full-size:
New comments, notable features for mobile are +mentions and more
Comments are nested. Nice!
The new commenting UI with public/circle/people selection
Comments on YouTube for mobile was previously very basic, you could either add a comment or view comments. Now, you can share a comment on YouTube as well as Google+, and select the scope of your comment by circles or people (and also public of course, which is set as default).

Also, +mentioning is new for mobile, which comes in handy when bringing your friends into the conversation on-the-go. Nested comments are new today as well.

In addition, top comments display like they do on the new system on the web, though there isn't a clear distinction between top and newest on mobile right now. This will probably be an area fixed in later updates.

The most important thing to note is that the features have been unified with the newly-overhauled Google+ powered YouTube commenting system on the desktop web. Comments on both desktop and mobile now look consistent all. I love where Google is going with this.

The new feature got rolled out to my Android Kit Kat-running Nexus 5, but has yet to appear on my Jelly Bean devices so we're currently not sure if it is a slightly updated build of YouTube on Android 4.4 or just that the feature is rolling out slowly and have yet to reach my other devices. We'll keep you updated!

What's your favorite part of the new Google+ comments on YouTube?