New features arrive in the Google+ iOS Development Kit

The holiday presents are coming a little early to Apple developers! Google has made it clear they're focused on supporting the iOS platform with continued improvements to the SDK (Software Development Kit for us coders). We've seen some smart changes recently that makes programming for devices easier and today's update pushes that further.

Whether you've got an iOS device or interested in learning how to code your own app, this is the update to check out! Below are the main changes you'll love to sink your teeth into.

I'm confident if you're reading this article, you've caught the coding bug and are ready to jump into these fresh SDK features:

1. Better auto-complete (see image above)
This is a big improvement for convenience you'll appreciate. Now when your users start adding recipients, auto-complete will suggest Gmail contacts, device contacts, and people on Google+. And of course, users can choose to manually type in an email.

2. Suggested recipients (see image below)
Users often share with certain people more than others (like family, for example), so the new “Suggestions” experience highlights these frequent and/or recent contacts at the top of the sharebox. Adding a recipient is as easy as tapping their photo.
If you've already added the Google+ sharebox to your iOS app, just upgrade to the latest iOS SDK and you'll be ready to go with the new features added today.

Whether Google's pushing out new ways to make the user experience better or UI changes, the future for developing Google+ apps is extremely bright. There's no sign of slowing down with improvements to the development kits.

With all these new features making it easier for app developers, what features are you dying to get your hands on? Please let us know in the comments!