[Double Update] Google+ Communities gets previews and a fresh default photo

Communities now have previews, allowing you to see who in your circles has joined that particular hub and more.

When clicking, instead of directing you straight to the page/profile, a pop-up window will appear with posts from that community, how many posts and members that community has as well as who in your circles has joined. A button to join is present, or if you want to explore further before hitting that button, there is a handy "View community" link underneath.

Look familiar? The preview for Communities is similar to what is shown when clicking on a profile or page on the Discover tab when in the "People" menu. 
The new previews allow you to get a taste before deciding on joining or not
The new preview window will currently only work when clicking on a community from the "Communities you might like" card that pops up in your stream and Explore/What's Hot tab. Before this recent change rolled out, clicking on a community within the suggestions card would just take you directly there rather than offering up a sample.

A Fresh Communities Default Photo

Communities which don't have a custom photo uploaded show a light blue and rather dull default photo. We don't know exactly when, but within the past few days/weeks, the old stock picture has been freshened up a bit. Take a look:
A fresh face for new communities
Now that's an improvement, as previously it was a sight for sore eyes (no offense design team!).

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