Google+ now allows you to set a target audience for Google+ Pages

Sharing on Google+ is based on circles, putting you in control of who sees your content. Today for Google+ Pages, you can go one further and set your target audience based on age and location.

The update allows Google+ Page managers to restrict their content to certain audiences if deemed unsuitable or restricted by law in certain countries.

The setting can be found under a new 'Audience' tab in your Google+ page's settings, which allows you to select restrictions based on age and geographical location. This is particularly useful for alcohol brands, where a preset is listed in the 'Target Audience' drop-down menu.

"Use these tools if you plan to share content that is restricted by law in a certain locality or intended for users of a certain age."

There are other presets too, including 'Anyone,' 'Users 18 and over', and 'Users 21 and over'; however, more specific restrictions can be set by selecting 'Customised...', which allows a custom minimum user age to be set and country-specific settings. Once configured, it is always possible to go back and tweak or relax the restrictions set.
Customise your audience settings
Page managers must accept the terms that go with the new settings, which confirm that they have " the instructions regarding age and geographical restrictions and have selected the correct audience for (their) content, consistent with all relevant laws and policies".

This means that Google+ page managers cannot go against the Google+ user content and conduct policy with the new audience tools.

For further reading, the 'Age and geographical restrictions on Google+' support page is already up, and if you're thinking of setting your target audience, it is an excellent resource.

Google has yet to announce the new tools, so expect to see an official announcement from the company later today.

What are your thoughts on the new audience settings introduced for Google+ pages and will you be making use of them?

Thanks for the tip +John Elstone