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Google Plus Daily's mission is to deliver timely, quality news and content. We are your daily source for everything Google+. Together with our popular Google+ community, "Google+ Updates," we want to be your first-choice for quality discussions, in-depth content and Google+ updates as they happen. 

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Why We're Number 1

Here at Google Plus Daily, we know we're your number 1 unofficial Google+ news and resource website, and we're proud. Here's why:
  • Make the Switch is a successful campaign which we ran in February 2013, educating users that there is a better alternative to Facebook.
  • We landed an exclusive interview with +Vic Gundotra (aka Mr Google+), answering our questions on how the Google+ team is managed and where Google's social platform is headed in the future.
  • We have been featured multiple times in +Guy Kawasaki's newsletter where he only shares top content written about Google+.

The GPD Team

Site Credits

A special mention to both +Zach Alcorn and +Daniel Baines for without them there would be no Google Plus Daily. Thanks to Zach for building a beautifully designed and well-functioning website, and Daniel for the continued website development and maintenance during 2012-2014.